Jack Ritchie
An Appreciation and Bibliography

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  • An article about the stories Jack Ritchie wrote for Manhunt magazine.

Copyright Information

The Literary Estate of Jack Ritchie is managed by:

The Sternig & Byrne Literary Agency
2370 S. 107th Street, Apt 4
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
53227-2036 U.S.A

Obituaries for Jack Ritchie

"Mystery writer Jack Ritchie dies", The Milwaukee Journal, April 25, 1983.

"John Reitci, award-winning mystery writer", The Chicago Tribune, April 26, 1983.

"John Reitci", The New York Times, April 26, 1983.

"John Reitci", Whitewater Register, April 26, 1983.

The Raconteurs, Inc.

In 1981 the book How to Write and Sell by 34 Successful Writers was published by The Raconteurs, Inc., a writers' organisation founded in Wisconsin in 1956. Jack Ritchie was among those members who contributed an article to this book. Among the other contributors to this volume were Ritchie's agent, Larry Sternig, and local writers such as Arthur Tofte and Robert Bloch.

Sketch drawing of Jack Ritchie

sketchofritchie.jpg (21163 bytes)
Original sketch by William S. Lewis of The Milwaukee Journal.

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Other Authors

I enjoy reading many authors and some of my favourites are: Edward D. Hoch, Henry Slesar, Arthur Porges, Raymond F. Jones, Amelia Reynolds Long, Jack Vance, Clifford D. Simak, Robert Sheckley, Clark Ashton Smith, Edmund Cooper, Henry Kuttner, C. L. Moore, Zenna Henderson, Ross Rocklynne, Robert Silverberg, Jack Ritchie, Stanley G. Weinbaum, H. Beam Piper, Leigh Brackett, Edmond Hamilton, Fredric Brown, Gordon R. Dickson, Frank O' Rourke, Alan E. Nourse, Mary Elizabeth Counselman, Nictzin Dyalhis, Clare Winger Harris, Arthur Tofte, Mary Williams, David R. Bunch, Basil Wells, Talmage Powell, H. B. Hickey, Ed Lacy, C. T. Stoneham, Arthur Sellings, Audrey Erskine Lindop, Eando Binder, E. C. Tubb, L. P. Davies, Mary Gallati, Paul Feakes, Sydney J. Bounds, Elijah Ellis, Rosemary Timperley, Hugh B. Cave, Kathleen Sky, Elizabeth Myers, Anne Frank, F. W. Thomas, Philip E. High, A. G. Gardiner (Alpha of the Plough), Ursula Bloom, Arthur C. Clarke, Carl Jacobi, Margaret St. Clair, Phyllis Eisenstein, Eric Frank Russell and Frank Sisk.


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